Rendering of the Clayton University Center Exterior

Reimagining the Heart of Campus

Clayton University Center at Packer Hall

More than just a building, the Clayton University Center at Packer Hall is the heart of the Lehigh campus. With this renovation, the Clayton University Center not only will be restored to its original grandeur, but also reinvented into a vibrant, continually active space that fosters collaboration and community among students. It will equip them with the skills to navigate and lead in today’s diverse society.

The Clayton University Center renovation will help create a richer and more vibrant Lehigh community by providing:

  • Updated facilities and amenities. The renovation will provide newer, more modern, and more efficient facilities for today’s students. Enhancements include fresh dining spaces, additional recreational and work spaces, and amenities such as a convenience store and a pub.
  • A true hub for student life. From dedicated meeting rooms for student clubs to refreshed offices for student life and services, students, faculty, and staff will collaborate under one roof – together – for the first time.
  • Welcoming spaces to encourage growth and strengthen ties. As a central location where students will want to spend time, the Clayton University Center will foster opportunities for students to develop leadership skills, form lifelong bonds, and create their own home on campus.
  • Stronger Lehigh traditions. When you bring people together, you can unify them around shared experiences and common aspirations, strengthening culture and traditions. The new spaces in the Clayton University Center will allow students to more regularly gather for celebrations, concerts, dances, meetings, and more.
Join us as we bring this vision of the new Clayton University Center to life. To learn more about how you can be a part of this important moment in Lehigh's story, contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at (610) 758-6748 or
Rendering of the Clayton University Center Great Room

In This Image: With the Clayton University Center renovation, the iconic building will not only be restored to its original grandeur but will also be reinvented to support our active, collaborative, vibrant campus life.

Mary Beth Tully sitting in a well lit room and gesturing with her hands

In This Image: Alumna and Board of Trustees member Mary Beth Tully '84 '21P '21P speaks about her decision to support the Clayton University Center renovation project by funding the welcome desk.

Students in hard hats and safety vests tour the Clayton UC

In This Image: Joe Kertsmar ’15, Langan Engineering and Environmental Services, tours the Clayton University Center construction site with civil engineering students.

Clayton University Center exterior surrounded by scaffolding

In This Image: Scheduled for completion in fall 2025, the renovation of the Clayton University Center promises to honor the building's rich history and meet the students' contemporary needs, ensuring it remains a central part of campus life for generations to come.

Signature Spaces

Rendering of the Lower Eatery Space

This first-level Lower Eatery will be a flexible, open space where all students, with or without a meal plan, can gather to share a meal, study, pick up essentials from the adjacent convenience store, or grab a coffee between classes.

Explore a 360° view of the Lower Eatery under construction »

Rendering of the Gallery

With windows facing onto the Clayton University Center front lawn, this newly renovated gallery and multi-functional space will offer beautiful views of campus and feature tall, stately doors leading to the Living Room.

Explore a 360° view of the Gallery under construction »

Rendering of the Living Room

The vibrant Living Room is a central location where students can gather to study and socialize, anchored at the east end by one of the building’s original fireplaces. Two smaller areas along the north end with seating, wall-mounted screens, and integrated technology will offer an ideal place for collaboration and group work, as will the five small meeting rooms along the south wall.

Explore a 360° view of the Living Room under construction »

Rendering of the Fire Pit

This singular stone structure on the northwest side of the building will provide a unique gathering space for students to socialize. With tasteful semi-circular architecture and surrounding landscaping, the fire pit will be a new built-out addition off the front patio.

Explore a 360° view of the Fire Pit under construction »

Rendering of the Club Hub

Lehigh has more than 200 student clubs and organizations on campus. The Club Hub will provide dedicated space for them to gather, plan and host events, and deepen student engagement. A single location where all clubs can reserve flexible space increases club access and visibility, unifies student activity across campus, and situates them within the same building as student life support staff.

Explore a 360° view of the Club Hub under construction »

Rendering of the Crossing

This open, multi-use space will be a comfortable place for students to gather for meals, small group study, or to rest and regroup between classes.

Explore a 360° view of The Crossing under construction »

Rendering of the Boardroom

The Boardroom is ideal for executive meetings, conferences, and large business gatherings. Natural light from the adjacent North Terrace will enhance and brighten the room when desired and light-control roller-shades will block it when not.

Explore a 360° view of the Boardroom under construction »

Rendering of the Great Room

This renovation will reclaim the original Victorian-style design and reopen the large, Gothic windows to lighten and brighten this uniquely Lehigh room. Modern materials and colors will be incorporated while still honoring the room’s history and character, including its signature trusses. Students will be able to relax and have fun in this designated lounging space, with two pool tables, a wall-mounted flatscreen, and a temporary stage for entertainment.

Explore a 360° view of the Great Room under construction »

Rendering of the Pub

A truly one-of-a-kind space on campus, this retail dining experience will offer a full menu to students and guests from breakfast through dinner. Inspired by European bistros as well as more traditional taverns, students and our entire community can gather to enjoy a drink or meal.

Explore a 360° view of the Pub under construction »

Rendering of the South Entry

This beautiful outdoor space will be a destination for students and student groups to dine, socialize, and study. Located in close proximity to both the Upper Eatery and Club Hub, the South Terrace and Porch provides an upgraded south entrance, connecting the upper and lower campuses.

Clayton University Center framed by light pink flowers

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