Building Your Network

5 Ways to Engage Right Now

Here are a few easy ways you can make the most of your Lehigh connections and make our network — and university — the best it can be.


Share your expertise.

Share what you’ve learned with fellow alumni and today’s students through professional alliances and mentorship programs and benefit from the know-how of others.


You are part of the Lehigh story — so help tell it to the world. Wear your Lehigh gear, share great stories, follow our teams, brag about your alma mater, and help strengthen the reputation and visibility of the university you love.

Phone a friend.

Phone a friend.

Lehigh people know we’re at our best when we’re working together. Keep your contact information up to date so you can always connect with old friends, reach out to new ones, and be available to help open doors for others.

Be part of the action.

Be part of the action.

Whether you’re online or out and about, alumni events and programs keep you involved and engaged. Check the calendar for opportunities near you.

Give back today.

Help change a life.

Generous alumni like you make the Lehigh experience possible for today’s students. Make your gift to make a difference.

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