Fall 2024

The Rally


The Rally is a long-standing tradition at Lehigh University. Every year since 1945, the incoming class is adopted by the class that was introduced to Lehigh 50 years prior.

Alumni representing the classes of 1953 through 2023 carry their class flags

Celebrate Lehigh through spirited events like student performances, the alumni class adoption, and the colorful parade of classes, where alumni representatives wield their class flags and first-year students reveal the flag for their class. Browse a photo gallery from The Rally 2023.

Watch The Rally 2023 Livestream!

Caitlyn Kratzer waves the Class of 2026 flag on the stage of The Rally.

In This Image: Class representative Bruce "YoGi" Perry '76 presented the 2026 class flag to Caitlyn Kratzer '26.

A large crowd of Lehigh students sit on the University Center lawn

In This Image: A large crowd of Lehigh students gathered for The Rally on the Clayton University Center Lawn.

Karen presenting Ethan with Class of 2025 flag

In This Image: Karen Stuckey ’75 presented Ethan Riester ’25 with Class of 2025 flag, the first time an alumna did the honors.

President Joseph Helble on stage at The Rally

In This Image: President Joseph Helble ‘82 welcomes the Classes of 2024 and 2025 to campus at his first Rally since becoming President

Group at volunteer dinner prior to the Rally

In This Image: Class Representatives Karen Stuckey ‘75, her husband Henry Seduski, and Gus Gustafson ‘74 gather with President Joe Helble ‘82 and his wife Rebecca Dabora at the volunteer dinner prior to the Rally.

A group of six volunteer flag bearers pose for a photo in front of Linderman Library during The Rally.

In This Image: A group of volunteer flag bearers pose for the camera prior to The Rally.

Get involved with The Rally!

Welcome the newest members of our Lehigh family!

Alumni walking through the crowd with their class flags

Represent Your Class

We need at least one flag bearer from every class! Email Amy Frantz Gross if you’d like to join the festivities.

Group of people seated for dinner in a tent

The Pre-Rally Volunteer Dinner

Alumni volunteers coming back to welcome the Class of 2028 in person are invited to dinner on that Saturday.

Zoom video tiles with smiling faces

Can't Make it in Person? Send a Virtual Welcome

Send a note to AlumniRelations@lehigh.edu if you’d like to take two minutes to participate in a welcome video to our new classes.

Freshmen holding her class flag for the class of 2026

Orientation Recap

The days are filled with excitement and activities as Lehigh University first-year students attend orientation events. 

Two men carrying flag

Accepting the Flag

Every year, incoming undergraduate students are selected to accept their class flag from the adoptive class. Their flag is then hung in the Alumni Memorial Building with a number of other class flags.