The Lehigh Fund

All gifts — no matter the size — are important.

Every year, thousands of alumni, parents, and friends join together to give to the Lehigh Fund. Collectively, their gifts open doors for today’s students and provide them with the opportunity to thrive.

Gifts to the Lehigh Fund support the university’s highest priorities — financial aid and scholarship — and can be used immediately, making them one of the most powerful ways to impact Lehigh students right now.

Together, we can ensure today’s talented students become the Lehigh leaders of tomorrow.

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Make the Future: Contribute to the Lehigh Fund

The Power of the Lehigh Fund

Lehigh Fund gifts are different than any other that come to Lehigh. They are a particularly powerful and effective way to support the university. Your gift to the Lehigh Fund is:

  • Amplified. The value of your gift is amplified because your gift joins thousands of others as part of this collective, unified fund.
  • Immediate. Lehigh Fund gifts can be put to use right away to enhance the experience of today’s students.
  • Flexible. The Lehigh Fund can be directed in different ways, to take advantage of opportunities and to respond to pressures. This agility allows Lehigh to fulfill the greatest needs of students and enables the university to be the very best it can be.
  • A show of pride. A Lehigh Fund gift demonstrates your belief in the university and your confidence in today’s students, who will go on to enhance the Lehigh network and add to the value of a Lehigh degree. Many alumni honor their experience by making Lehigh Fund gifts, especially in milestone reunion years.

"Today’s prospective students will be tomorrow’s leaders, innovators, and influencers. We need them to be a part of our community.” - Dan Warner, Vice Provost for Admissions and Financial Aid

We believe that every student who is talented and ambitious enough to succeed at Lehigh should have the opportunity to attend. Lehigh is committed to meeting the demonstrated financial aid needs of every accepted student — so that all those with the intelligence, grit, and spirit to excel here can do so.

Gifts to the Lehigh Fund are essential to our efforts to fulfill this promise.

Lehigh Fund gifts are used to support the greatest needs of the university. Your giving to the Lehigh Fund allows Lehigh to fulfill its highest priority, which right now is scholarships and financial aid.

Each year, the combined gifts of alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff, and students bridge the gap between the financial needs of our talented students and what the endowment and operating budget can provide.

All gifts — no matter the size — are important. Gifts to the Lehigh Fund represent the collective power of our community and the impact we have when we work together.

Now is the time to rally. Together, we can help ensure our students have all they need to make the most of their time at Lehigh.

If you received a call from (610) 758-1200, it was probably one of our student callers here at Lehigh! Lehigh’s phonathon program is one of the ways we stay connected with the Lehigh community.

The Lehigh Liners, a team of 45 students, serve as ambassadors for Lehigh while reaching out to alumni, parents, and friends. They may call to share updates, offer ways to stay engaged, or ask for financial support for the university.

In past years, our student callers have raised more than $1 million in gifts and commitments for Lehigh!

We hope you take a few minutes to connect with a student when you see Lehigh calling. They would love to hear about your experience at Lehigh.

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Using our secure online giving form, make a one-time gift, pledge payment, or a recurring gift. Giving online is quick and easy and is accessible from anywhere in the world.

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