Summer 2023



Each year, alumni and parents across the country host student Sendoffs to welcome our incoming students and families to Lehigh. These informal gatherings are a chance to learn more about Lehigh, meet your fellow classmates, and get tips on campus, classes, and more from the Mountain Hawks that came before you. You can also read through the Sendoff Handbook for a compiled list of first-year tips.

Incoming students posing with a brown Lehigh University flag at a Boston Student Sendoff

Show incoming students what the brown and white is all about at an annual student Sendoff.

Each year, alumni and parents across the country gather to welcome students and their families to Lehigh. These events take place before the school year begins and set the stage for each student’s Lehigh journey. Learn more about Lehigh, connect with alumni in your area, and help new students kick off their college experience.

Class of 2027 Student Sendoff Locations

6/20 - Boston, MA

6/21 - Washington, D.C.

6/25 - Fairfield County, CT

6/29 - New York City

7/11 - Arizona

7/13 - Philadelphia, PA

7/15 - San Diego, CA

7/15 - Houston, TX

7/16 - New Hampshire

7/16 - South Jersey

7/17 - Northern New Jersey

7/18 - Jersey Shore

7/22 - San Francisco Bay Area

7/23 - Denver, CO

7/23 - Chicago, IL

7/28 - Connecticut Valley

7/29 - Los Angeles, CA

7/30 - Seattle, WA

7/30 - Long Island, NY

8/1 - Dallas, TX

8/5 - Baltimore, MD

8/10 - Westchester County, NY

8/15 - Lehigh Valley, PA

Incoming students holding a brown Lehigh University flag in the Lehigh Nasdaq Center

In This Image: A group of students posing at the 2023 San Francisco Student Sendoff inside the Lehigh@Nasdaq Center

Group at Atlanta Sendoff

In This Image: Atlanta Sendoff Hosted by John Menna ’86 ’18P ’21P and Linda Linahan Menna ’87 ’18P ’21P

Brown and white cupcakes decorated with Lehigh logos

In This Image: Brown and white cupcakes from the 2023 New Hampshire Student Sendoff

Group at NJ Sendoff

In This Image: Central New Jersey Sendoff Hosted by Kevin ’85 ’87G ’22P and Jeanne ’88 ’22P Dehoff

Group at Connecticut Sendoff

In This Image: Connecticut Sendoff Jonathan ’91 & Pamela Ross ’90 ’21P ’23P

Incoming students posing with a brown Lehigh University flag in front of a lake

In This Image: A group of students posing at the 2023 San Diego Student Sendoff

Group at Washington D.C. Sendoff

In This Image: Washington D.C. Sendoff Hosted by Lauren and Cayce Roy III ’86 ’21P

Incoming students posing with a brown Lehigh University flag

In This Image: A group of students posing at the 2023 Long Island Student Sendoff

Attend a Student Sendoff

Meet the Next Generation of Brown and White

San Francisco Sendoff Group

Community for Incoming Students

Incoming and current students are not just welcomed but encouraged to attend the Sendoffs in their region. New students will have the chance to meet current students in their area and learn sage advice from their peers as they begin their new life at Lehigh. Current students can both welcome new students to the Lehigh family and network with alumni in their area.

Two People at Denver Sendoff

Peace of Mind for Parents

Parents are part of the Lehigh family too! Parents can come to Sendoffs to get the peace of mind they need to confidently send their student off to campus. Meet and share your excitement with other parents, alumni, and new and current students. This is one of the best places for parents to learn about what to expect as your child begins their journey at Lehigh.

Northern NJ Sendoff Group

Connection for Alumni

Share your love of Lehigh with new students and their families. We encourage all alumni to attend the Sendoffs to connect with the new class, answer any questions, and provide tips and tricks for a successful time at Lehigh. Don’t miss this opportunity to share your stories as well as the impact Lehigh has had on your life and career. 

Cake for class of 2023

Sendoff Spotlight

Sendoffs bring out the brown and white spirit in alumni, parents, and staff who make special foods and give away Lehigh swag!