Your Passions. Our Lehigh.

Our experiences define us. That includes all that you brought to South Mountain and all that you took away from your time here – the friendships, knowledge, passions, and purpose.

Now you have an opportunity to unite the causes you care about with your love of Lehigh. Support students and help shape the experiences that will define their moment at Lehigh.

Choose the causes that ignite your passion.


Access to Lehigh

Financial Aid & Scholarship

We all know that a Lehigh education launches careers, post-graduate studies, and success across the country and around the globe — our students are prepared to take on challenges and make an impact wherever they go. Paying for a Lehigh experience takes considerable resources. The university has a long-standing commitment to need-based financial aid and seeks to make our world-renowned education accessible for all admitted students.

Prospective and current students rely on gifts for financial aid and scholarships. Consider how your support will make possible the newly launched Lehigh Commitment. Beginning in fall of 2024, Lehigh will provide a full-tuition grant, scholarship, or other tuition waiver for undergraduate students from families with a total income of less than $75,000.

Support Financial Aid & Scholarship

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The Women of Lehigh Scholarship Fund

In fall 1971, the first group of 169 female undergraduate students arrived on campus. Fifty-two years later, female undergraduates outnumbered males for the first time in university history.

Lehigh celebrates the contributions and impact of the Lehigh women whose talents and tenacity have changed — and continue to change — their fields of study and disciplines, their companies and institutions, their communities, and the world. The Women of Lehigh Scholarship Fund ensures more Lehigh women continue to soar by providing the best students with financial aid and scholarships.

Support The Women of Lehigh

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Partnership for Sustainable UN Missions

In 2004, Lehigh became the sixth university in the world to gain non-governmental organization status with the United Nations (UN), providing rare access to the world’s largest intergovernmental organization. Each year, more than 1,000 Lehigh faculty, staff, and students attend UN conferences, briefings, and meetings. In 2018, the Lehigh University Partnership for Sustainable UN Missions was founded in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme to assist missions in identifying opportunities to foster sustainable practices in their NYC facilities.

Gifts would primarily support site visits to the UN missions, enabling students to go to the UN in New York, meet with UN officials, assess the workplace, and create sustainable office solutions.

Support Sustainable UN Missions

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Swap Shop

The Swap Shop is a free, on-campus thrift store dedicated to diverting clothing waste from landfills while providing free clothing options for students. Gifts of all sizes directly support operational needs and engagement initiatives.

  • $20-$100: Offers clothing care supplies, like a steamer, iron and ironing board, and lint rollers or event supplies like fabric markers and patches, boxes for clothing drives, mini sewing kits, and more.
  • $500: Purchases specific types of clothing in bulk to address student needs (e.g., winter gear, interview clothes) or creates a storage system for out-of-season clothing and overflow donations.
  • $1,000+: Replaces all clothing racks and displays and implements ways to optimize space. 

Support the Swap Shop

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Health & Wellness

Counseling & Psychological Services

Students are working to find their way in the world — a journey that takes them across new terrain. The college experience takes place during a period of personal development and is characterized by moments of experimentation, inquiry, challenge, crisis, adaptation, and flourishing. University Counseling and Psychological Services (UCPS) is one of many partners that support students as they navigate and make the most of their experiences. UCPS helps all students not only manage distress, but also thrive in meaningful ways and grow in self-understanding. Students can select from individual and group counseling. Confidential, multilingual mental health and well-being support is available virtually for free 24/7.

Support UCPS

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Therapy Dogs

Grace and Scout, the two Lehigh University Police Department therapy dogs, are stars of Instagram! The Therapy Dog Program provides comfort and support to the campus community, creating a sense of well-being for all students but especially victims and witnesses of criminal incidents and those who have endured an emotional tragedy. The dogs attend many Lehigh events and visit with staff and students during office visits and club meetings.

Support the Therapy Dog Program

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Intramural & Club Sports

Play a vital role in nurturing students’ physical, mental, and social well-being, which contributes to their academic success and personal growth. Lehigh offers more than 40 intramural and club sports. 

Your support directly impacts three key areas:

  • Fitness Equipment: Upgrade and expand our fitness facilities and provide students with top-notch equipment for an improved training experience and a lifelong commitment to fitness and health.
  • Instructional and Recreational Programs: Help our commitment to diverse programs — creating new opportunities, sustaining existing ones, and reducing cost barriers for student participation. 
  • Club Sports: Support individual club sport programs with funds for equipment, travel, and facility expenses related to team competition. Help remove financial barriers for participants facing economic challenges.

Support Intramural & Club Sports

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Student Equity & Support

High-Impact Experience Opportunity Fellowships

Experiential learning is a hallmark at Lehigh. Students hunger for the opportunity to travel, acquire practical skills, and conduct research. While the university offers many ways to take advantage of experiential learning, not all students can afford to do so. The High-Impact Experience Opportunity Fellowship is a signature program at Center for Student Access and Success that fills the gaps for students, helping cover costs like housing, meals, wage replacements, daily expenses, and supplies.

Awards are determined based on the parameters of each student’s need. By providing this essential funding, donor generosity lets students see the world and their future impact on it with new eyes and confidence.

Support Experiential Learning

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Passport to Success

Originally focused on global and study abroad experiences, Passport to Success now offers students exposure to all manner of high-impact learning experiences. The Office of Student Access and Success supports first-generation students and those with high financial needs with mentors and monthly meetings. Students explore opportunities around leadership development, community service, research, internships, and externships. The program covers the cost of acquiring or renewing a U.S. Passport, attendance at a Global Day at the United Nations, a three-day trip to Montreal, study abroad scholarship, grant writing support and coaching, and career strengths assessment and coaching.

Support Passport to Success

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Travel Assistance

Some students are unable to pay for rides off campus for medical appointments or interviews, travel back home for breaks, or return home to assist their family during emergencies.

A gift of any amount would create an impact for a number of students, ranging from the cost of a taxi to a ticket for a bus, train, or airplane.

Support the Travel Assistance Program

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Student Necessities

Students turn to the Office of Student Access and Success for assistance with personal hygiene products and school supplies. Whether a student seeks standard toiletries (soap, lotion, toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, and deodorant), contact lens solution, laundry detergent, and period products or notebooks, folders, pens, highlighters, binders, and stationary, your gift could help a single student who can’t afford basic needs or provide a case of items to keep the shelves stocked. 

Support Student Necessities

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LGBTQIA+ Community

The Pride Center's LGBTQIA+ Community Fund provides support for all undergraduate and graduate students encountering financial uncertainty as they navigate their journey towards authenticity. Students typically seek support for housing, food, health care, and a variety of academic needs (books, supplies, etc.). This fund allows students to shift their focus back to their academic goals.

  • $20 provides a meal for a student in need.
  • $100 helps pay medical bills. 
  • $500 purchases two months’ worth of groceries for a student.
  • $1,000+ can cover a month of rent for a student in immediate need. 

Support the LGBTQIA+ Community

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Disability Support Services

Students with disabilities who self-identify are ensured equal access to university programs, activities, and services. Currently, more than 500 students have self-identified, and more than 400 of them require academic accommodations. The goal is to help students become better self advocates so they can live, learn, and lead at Lehigh. Disability Support Services gives students the skills, strategies, and behaviors through one-on-one sessions, coaching, and peer mentorship to become confident, successful, and independent in order to fulfill their full potential.

Support Disability Support Services

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Looking to support a different initiative at Lehigh? Send us an email and let us know!

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