Affinity Programs

Connecting Lehigh’s Greek Community

Get in touch with your fraternity or sorority roots at Lehigh. Plan reunions for your member class, organize events for your chapter, or even serve as an alumni advisor, all of which are opportunities available to Lehigh’s Greek alumni.


About Lehigh’s Greek Community

Stay connected to your chapter long after you graduate! Chapter advisors provide critical advice and guidance regarding chapter operations and encourage compliance with organization and university policies. This is a great way to give back not only to your chapter through your lifetime membership, but also to Lehigh students. If you’ve ever wanted to provide hands-on mentorship and coaching to Lehigh’s Greek community, this is it! Learn more about the roles and responsibilities of Lehigh chapter advisors.

Help us bring your brothers or sisters back to campus! Lehigh is always looking for ways to celebrate the Greek community. If you’re planning a chapter reunion or wish to gather groups of fraternity brothers or sorority sisters together, Alumni Relations can help! Contact Morgan Nelson at (610) 758-3056 or to learn more.

The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs is your source for all things Greek at Lehigh. Follow the Lehigh Greeks Blog for the latest news and announcements affecting the Lehigh Greek Community. 

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