Participate in a dinner with fellow alumni.

Dinners for 12

Gather around the table with fellow Lehigh alumni to widen both your network and your point of view. Our Dinners for 12 bring together alumni with shared locations or interests to discuss intriguing topics facing the country and the world. 

Dinners for 12 are designed to bring together alumni who likely don’t know each other well.

At these dinners, alumni can share lively conversation, a love of Lehigh, and a unique connection you’ll only find by discussing engaging topics with people you don’t yet know well. 

Lehigh staff and faculty often host Dinners for 12 when they’re traveling to an event or conference as a way to meet local alumni and bring Lehigh updates to the area. In 2022, Lehigh wants to offer even more Dinners for 12, which is why we’re accepting applications from alumni to host their own dinners. These can be virtual or in person and focus on a topic of the host’s choice.

Interested in hosting a Dinner for 12?
Contact: Brittany Erdman
Director, Regional and Affinity Strategy

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Alumni Events

Channel your Lehigh pride and connect with fellow alumni through fun social outings, professional events, and Lehigh celebrations.