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Parents’ Fund

College is a new world — one that you, your student, and Lehigh are building together. When you give to the Parents’ Fund, you provide immediate resources for the experiences that make Lehigh extraordinary. You join other families in providing students with leadership training, tutoring and academic support, community service opportunities, and so much more. Enriching Lehigh’s undergraduate experience is a great contribution to your student's future.

The Parents' Fund provides an exceptional experience for all Lehigh students by supporting Student Affairs and the Center for Career and Professional Development.

You provide immediate support for:

Student clubs and activities: Engage students with each other and the world through organization and clubs. With more than 150 clubs and organizations on South Mountain, there are opportunities for all students to make an impact and lead change.

Community Service Office (CSO): Allow students to contribute to the local community through tutoring in-school and after-school with South Bethlehem Community Schools, the Move Out Collection Drive and Great South Side Sale. The CSO facilitates service experiences for 70% of Lehigh’s undergraduate students.

Leadership training: Support the more than 70% of students who attend annual student leader retreats, immersion trips, and experiential learning programs. There also include trainings and workshops for athletes, Greek students, academic departments, and student organizations.

Tutoring and academic support: Allow student to excel during their time on South Mountain. Last year, more than 2,800 sought support, utilizing peer and group tutoring, study skills assistance, and more -- all free of charge.

Career and professional development: Provide students with the tools needed to explore their passion, develop necessary skills, gain experience, build connections, and network. This guidance helped 95% of the Class of 2016 graduates land opportunities within their plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Through the Parents' Fund, you can help build an exceptional experience for all Lehigh students by supporting Student Affairs and the Center for Career and Professional Development. Your generosity provides immediate support for priorities including student leadership and development, academic support services, and professional and career opportunities for students. It also supports athletics leadership development, making membership a good choice for parents who wish to support their students' athletics team.

The expenses of the university extend beyond tuition, which covers about half of Lehigh's operating expenses. Annual gifts from parents are essential and make the difference between a simply well-equipped university and one, like Lehigh, that provides an exceptional experience for your student.

That's up to you. The average parent and grandparent gift to Lehigh is $100. Whatever the amount, your gift is even more powerful when combined with the gifts of others. The collective support of the Parents' Fund ensures your student the very best experience.

Lehigh's giving societies create the opportunity to recognize and thank our most generous and committed alumni, parents, and friends. We extend our sincere appreciation to members of all giving societies for their tremendous impact on the institution.

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