Lehigh Party Pack consisting of Lehigh-themed coasters, cups, napkins, and brown plates.

Hanging with some Lehigh chums, celebrating an acceptance or recent graduate, or heading out on a mini-reunion girls weekend?

Do it in style, and add some points for your brown and white ambiance. Get the Party Pack from Lehigh Alumni Relations.

The pack includes those impossible-to-find brown paper napkins and plates along with gear regaled in the Lehigh logo: coasters, reusable hard plastic cups, a table runner, and banner. 

Now you can ensure your house radiates with Lehigh pride when you gather with classmates for a game, book club (wine night TBH), business event, affinity group, and more.

And it’s not just for alumni! Parents, feel free to show your school spirit for a current student or a recently accepted Mountain Hawk!

When you receive the Lehigh Party Pack, of course, all the goodies are there. Inside, you will also find the recipe for the official Lehigh Ganache Brownies. There’s a QR code where you can tell us about the event you are having. Scan it, share some details, and Alumni Relations will send you a free Lehigh baseball cap.

We know that the items in the Party Pack will have you posting with pride on your social channels! Hashtag: Awesome!

Order your Party Pack today!