November 23, 2024

Lehigh-Lafayette Rivalry


Known as "The Rivalry", the Lehigh-Lafayette football game is the most-played college football rivalry in the nation. Celebrate in the Lehigh Valley or at a telecast party near you!

Team mascots from Lafayette College and Lehigh University in the endzone of Lafayette’s stadium.

Lafayette College and Lehigh University Mascots

Celebrate a tradition that spans more than 150 years — the Lehigh-Lafayette Rivalry!

Though it’s always a good time to represent the brown and white, the Lehigh pride gets a little bit louder each November. Explore how Lehigh fans of all ages celebrate the most played football rivalry in college history. 

Save the date for the next game: November 23, 2024.

Three linebackers dressed in brown uniforms on the line, prepared for the hand off with the quarterback calling directions behind them.

Explore the spirited competitions and community pride in one comprehensive collection.

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Vintage football game

Lehigh/Lafayette Rivalry Factoid

The final game at Taylor Stadium was the 123rd meeting of The Rivalry against Lafayette on November 21, 1987. Lehigh defeated the Leopards 17-10 on a frigid day when the temperature was in the mid-20s and the wind chill factor was somewhere between minus-10 and minus-20 degrees.