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Edmond H. Clarke 

Executive Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations

Ed leads the CFR team’s holistic approach to philanthropy, research, and student experiences, a centralized unit leveraging the resources of Lehigh University’s five colleges and robust historic relationships to expand and manage partnerships that serve Lehigh’s mission. Ed joined Lehigh in 2022, bringing 25 years of experience in nonprofit and higher education.

Contact Ed by calling (610) 758-5154 or (570) 274-3133, or emailing

Matthew Mattern

Matthew Mattern

Senior Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations, College of Health

Matt cultivates relationships with external partners whose business, nonprofit, and philanthropic interests align with the College of Health, which explores data and technological innovation with environmental, demographic, and social determinants of health. Matt’s 20 years in development at Lehigh, including five years in Singapore, grew his deep familiarity with faculty expertise in Lehigh’s richly interdisciplinary academic and research cultures.

Contact Matthew at (610) 758-5017 or

Natasha de Luna

Natasha de Luna, CFRE

Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations, College of Arts and Sciences

Natasha curates relationships with external partners and stakeholders whose business, nonprofit, and philanthropic interests align with the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). CAS is the largest and most diverse of Lehigh’s five colleges dedicated to advancing the natural and social sciences, arts and humanities, and deep community engagement through Lehigh’s performance venues and art galleries. With more than a decade of professional fundraising experience and public service, Natasha identifies prospective partners for programs, initiatives, leadership, and faculty members with shared interests and complementary goals.

Contact Natasha at (610) 758-4737 or

Shane Cohen

Shane Cohen

Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations, P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science (Rossin College)

Shane has fostered collaborative partnerships among academics, entrepreneurs, industry, government, and NGOs over the last 15 years. Rossin College partnerships create opportunities for Lehigh students, drive innovation, and provide value-based outcomes for external partners. Shane, an engineer himself, is a passionate advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion in STEM, committed to fostering inclusivity from K-12 classrooms to boardrooms. As a Distinguished Toastmaster and seasoned public speaker, Shane is passionate about mentoring and working with students and professionals to enhance their communication and leadership skills.

Contact Shane at (610) 758-1174 or You can also connect with Shane on LinkedIn.

Christopher Hellstrom smiling

Christopher Hellstrom

Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations, College of Education and College of Business

Chris brings three decades of experience in the higher ed, nonprofit, and government sectors to develop external partnerships for Lehigh’s College of Education and College of Business. Five distinct programs in the College of Education’s single department prepare master’s and doctoral candidates for leadership in national and international educational practice. The College of Business champions enterprise excellence in undergraduate, graduate, and executive education.

Contact Christopher at (610) 758-2743 or

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