pen writing on paper

Lehigh Pen Pal Program

Though most people have email or social media in the palm of their hands, a handwritten letter or card still remains one of the most powerful and personal ways to connect with another person. In the Lehigh Pen Pal Program, you can connect through the written word with fellow alumni. You sign up, we pair you with a like-minded alumni, and together, you’ll exchange Lehigh stories, life interests, and personal connections at a cadence that works for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The Lehigh Pen Pal Program is open to all members of the Lehigh family. Alumni and parents living both domestically or internationally are welcome to sign up.

Though we encourage connection over your shared ties to Lehigh, there are several other factors we consider to successfully pair two pen pals. These include areas of interest, gender, and more. Please review our current registration form for the complete list.

Pen pals can decide together how often they communicate. While Lehigh will send prompts throughout the year, it’s up to the pen pals to correspond in a manner that works for them. The first correspondence should be a letter, but after that, pen pals can decide if they’d prefer to communicate via snail mail, email, phone, or text. 

Lehigh stories are one of many topics about which pen pals correspond. Professional experiences, shared interests, and more are also fair game. You and your pen pal can decide together what you’d like to discuss. Lehigh will also be in touch throughout the year to provide timely prompts, such as swapping football memories in anticipation of the Lehigh-Lafayette game. 

For more information, please contact Monica Timar.